Caption Call can put you back in touch!

Hearing loss can present a range of new daily struggles and challenges, but modern technology continues to make advancements that have enabled patients to “reconnect” in unique ways with the hearing world.

Those with hearing loss can now enjoy a telephone conversation with CaptionCall, a telephone that provides captioned text of what the caller is saying, enabling patients to communicate easily with friends and family. CaptionCall is FREE for anyone with certified hearing loss and the necessary connection requirements in their home: high speed internet and a land line telephone.


“Our patients have been so thankful for our referrals to use CaptionCall. Some have described its use as ‘life-changing’. CaptionCall has wonderful customer service and we feel confident in referring our patients to them as we know they are in excellent hands.”  Lindsay Foster, audiologist, Hearing Aid Associates 

Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates seeks to help patients navigate daily life with hearing loss and ensure they are aware of and can obtain access to new information and recent advancements in technology that can improve quality of life.

If you are concerned about your hearing, schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists for a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Understanding and addressing hearing loss as soon as possible can alleviate the daily stress of compensating for an inability to hear.