Changing the Hearing Aid Experience With Technology

Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates is dedicated to offering clients the latest technology in hearing devices in an effort to help them enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Audiologists Lindsay Foster and Allison Witte provide complete audiology services for addressing hearing loss from diagnostic consultations to hearing aids and listening devices for all types of hearing loss. Modern technology has made great strides in enabling those with hearing loss to participate in and enjoy the sense of sound through music, conversation and the natural environment.

In addition to a wide range of hearing aids and listening devices, Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates offers and supports Phonak digital hearing aids for high quality listening in changing and noisy environments. Using a unique operating system that can adapt to and adjust changing noise levels and quality of sound “in real time”, Phonak delivers a high quality listening experience. This can be life changing for those struggling with listening to conversations at events, in social settings and those looking for an improved music listening experience.

Watch this short video for more information on the technology behind the product:


To learn more about the benefits of Phonak hearing aids and how they may enhance your hearing, schedule a consultation with an audiologist at Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates.