Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates carries a wide selection of hearing aids with the latest technology. Our audiologists will help you choose the best hearing aid based on your hearing loss condition and personal needs. Most hearing aids today use digital technology with built in wireless capabilities.

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are programmed or adjusted using a computer, allowing for a more precise fitting to each individual’s hearing loss. Digital hearing aids use a computer chip to process sound, allowing for better sound quality and improved hearing in noisy environments.

They offer features such as noise cancellation, directional microphones and feedback management that are not available in non-digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids are available in several levels of technology, with the primary difference between each level being the hearing aids performance in noisy environments: the better the technology, the better the performance in noise.

Which level of digital technology is best for an individual is based on the hearing loss, lifestyle and listening needs of each person. Your audiologist will discuss these options with you at your hearing aid evaluation appointment.

Wireless Connectivity

Assistive Listening Devices Annapolis MD Wireless Assistive Listening Devices Wireless Hearing Aid Technology Many types of hearing aids have built-in wireless connectivity options to connect with cell phones, televisions, computers, MP3 players and telephones. This connection requires a small device, typically worn around your neck, that serves as the gateway between your hearing aids and the wireless enabled device.

FM Systems

An FM system is a type of wireless system that allows a hearing aid user to hear better in a noisy environment or when there is a large distance between a speaker and the hearing aid user. Typically, the speaker wears or holds a microphone that wirelessly transmits the sound of his or her voice to a receiver that is worn by the user. An alternative to this arrangement is a microphone that is placed on a table in the middle of a group (such as in a meeting) to pick up sound from several speakers at once. This allows the hearing aid user to hear the speaker above any other noise that is present in the listening environment. Although FM systems are often used in conjunction with hearing aids, there are some systems that can be used by a person who has normal or near normal hearing, but has significant difficulty hearing in noisy situations.

BAHA® Bone Conduction System and Cochlear Implant

Our audiologists are aware of candidacy requirements for the Baha® and for a cochlear implant. At Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates, the audiologist can perform evaluations, fittings and follow up care for the Baha® and are able to make the appropriate referral to a cochlear implant specialist when indicated.