Hearing Loss Affects Millions of Americans

There are almost 40 million people in the United States affected by hearing loss. Hearing aids are extremely effective and can help more than 95% of patients with hearing loss. And yet, only 20% of people with hearing loss wear a hearing aid.

Annapolis Hearing Aid Associates offers comprehensive audiology services with a wide range of hearing aids to fit every lifestyle, every budget and every degree of hearing loss.

One in six hearing aid wearers say they restrict their activities because they worry about damaging their hearing aid. Our audiologists can help fit you for the best hearing aid for your lifestyle. We offer waterproof hearing aids, hearing aids for active kids and teens and hearing aids equipped with the latest wireless and bluetooth technology

Today’s hearing aids operate on the fastest processors, delivering high definition sound. Most patients who wear a modern hearing aid say they never heard so clearly, even when their hearing ability was “normal”. We also offer hearing aids with enhanced tinnitus therapy features to manage ringing in the ears and improve hearing at the same time.

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